Cool Stuff you never even knew you wanted!

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Fortnite HC-E Nerf Super Soaker

Bring fantasy gaming into reality with a water blaster based on a real Fortnite weapon. The officially licensed replica captures the look and colour of the blaster in one of the most popular games in recent times. No one is safe when you unleash the super-powerful weapon on your enemies and friends alike.

Motorized Surfboard

Forgot conventional surfboards, this 4 stroke engine powered surfboard will take your breath away. It needs no waves so you can skip the beach and head for the nearest lake or river. With a top speed of 35 miles per hour, the adrenaline with be flowing as you rip through the  water.

Inflatable Unicorn Island

No day on the lake is complete without your own towering inflatable unicorn. Enjoy the sun with full knowledge that all eyes are on you and your incredibly comfortable floatie. It can take 6 adults, and with it’s cartoon-like design, it’s also a great way to keep the kids entertained.

Moov Fitness Tracker

You will have no problem finding the motivation to get moving when you are wearing this stylish and cool looking, fully featured fitness tracker. The wearable fitness coach is lightweight and waterproof so can be worn for swimming and tracks your motion and progress to help reach those lofty goals.

Flybar Super Pogo Stick

The pogo stick has got serious! The old, simple bounce, bounce days are over as this heavy duty, strong, spring powered pogo stick is designed for extreme jumping and technical pogo tricks. So much fun and a great way to exercise without even realizing you are doing it.

Bubble Soccer Suit

This bubble soccer suit is perfect for both adults and children as they play the new game Bumper Ball. It’s great fun bumping and rolling as they try and get the ball past their mates and not having to worry about injuries!