Cool Stuff you never even knew you wanted!

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pets stuff...

Dog Umbrella

Protect your lovable pet dog from the wind, rain and snow when out for that very essential walk. It’s transparent and folding with a built-in lead and perfect for small dogs and puppies. Dogs hate getting wet just like their owners so keep your pet clean and dry in a downpour!

Pet WiFi Camera Treat Tosser

Spy on your pet and send him treats if he’s a good boy, all from your smartphone. You can even talk to him and hear him respond. With it’s wide angled lens, day and night vision and barking sensor alerts you will always know how your best friend is doing.

Automatic Dog Ball Thrower

Let your dog exercise himself while you chill in the comfort of your garden chair. This incredible battery powered remote controlled throwing machine will provide hours of doggy fun and relaxing times for you. You can even train your dog to return the balls to the bucket for them to launch automatically.

Robosnake Robot Snake

Snakes can be thought of as slimy and creepy so for those of you that don’t quite fancy getting the real thing there is this very realistic robot version. It certainly looks the part with it’s genuine snake movements and even a tongue flick and moving eyes.

Jurassic World T Rex Dinosaur Inflatable Adult Costume

Scare your neighbours into giving you more treats this Halloween with this full sized inflatable T-Rex costume. Just insert batteries and you will be transformed into this fierce, very realistic looking Jurassic World predator.

Feisty Pets

These adorable cuddly toys turn from cute to scary with the simple squeeze of the head. Like Jekyll and Hyde in cuddly toy form. Squeeze the head to see the transformation. Be respectful of the nervous little ones!

Cat Cave

Give your cat somewhere stylish to hang out. Your pet will be the envy of all his cat friends in this quality, super tough cat cave with air holes in the base for extra comfort. It can be used both indoors or outdoors and also comes with a super soft cushion to help with some dozy cave chilling.

Animal Bites Cable Cord Protector

These cute little animals will stop those annoying cables from sliding down the back of your table. Simply slide your cable into the animal and it will hold it in place. Never clamber under your table again!