Cool Stuff you never even knew you wanted!

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novelty stuff...

Retro Cassette Tape Desk Tidy

This retro-looking desk tidy is styled to look like the old cassette tape that disappeared back in the 90s. With its in-built tape dispenser and multi-functional storage for all your pens, pencils, erasers and other small items, it’s perfect for keeping your desk neat and tidy at home, school or the office.

Pizza Socks

We all love a pizza and now you can wear them on your feet! Bring a bit of fun and colour to your footwear and raise a smile from your friends and colleagues with these comfortable Italian, Hawaiian, Capriciosa, Pepperoni and Vegetarian ‘flavoured’ crazy socks. And they even come in a cool pizza-style presentation box.

Duronic Hybrid AM/FM Radio

The ultimate AM/FM hybrid radio that can charge in one of three different ways. Solar panels on the top, USB for a quicker charge and then if you are really stuck you can wind the handle for a minute to get 20 minutes of playback. Never be left with a flat battery again.

Dog Umbrella

Protect your lovable pet dog from the wind, rain and snow when out for that very essential walk. It’s transparent and folding with a built-in lead and perfect for small dogs and puppies. Dogs hate getting wet just like their owners so keep your pet clean and dry in a downpour!

Captain America Bath Robe

Even superheroes have to relax and chill and this super-soft Captain America bathrobe perfectly fits the bill. Put your feet up after a hard day but don’t forget your day job with this red, white and blue embroidered dressing gown featuring the classic star and Avengers logo and the famous shield on the back.

Inflatable Unicorn Island

No day on the lake is complete without your own towering inflatable unicorn. Enjoy the sun with full knowledge that all eyes are on you and your incredibly comfortable floatie. It can take 6 adults, and with it’s cartoon-like design, it’s also a great way to keep the kids entertained.

Bike Balls

Flash your bike manhood as you cycle. Could this safety light be a heart shape or something different? It can be hung anywhere, but we know it’s not a heart when hung under your bike seat! Bright and soft lights that can flash or be steady provide good visibility and safety at night.

Panda Keyboard Protector

Brighten up your desk by giving your keyboard a cute new look and at the same time protect it from dust, spillages and any other contaminants. The adorable panda ears, eyes and nose will surely bring a smile to your face and get some interest from your colleagues.

Problem Solving Mug

This mug is an extremely useful tool for anyone in a dilemma or with a problem to solve. Not only does it provide a perfect receptacle for your coffee or tea, but it also has an extremely useful and funny flow chart based problem solver on the side.

Camera Flash Drive

Impress your friends with this cool USB flash drive shaped like a camera and they will all want to know where you got it from. It’s small but has lots of tiny detail to make it look realistic. Simply pull off the lens to reveal the USB plug which works with almost any device.