Cool Stuff you never even knew you wanted!

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kids stuff...

Remote Controlled Amphibious Land And Water Vehicle

Don’t restrict yourself to land or sea and try an amphibious remote-controlled car! It has 4 wheel drive and large hollow wheels meaning it has excellent buoyancy when on water and also runs on lawn, sand and gravel. And when on land it can also perform reversible flips and 360° spins.

Fortnite HC-E Nerf Super Soaker

Bring fantasy gaming into reality with a water blaster based on a real Fortnite weapon. The officially licensed replica captures the look and colour of the blaster in one of the most popular games in recent times. No one is safe when you unleash the super-powerful weapon on your enemies and friends alike.

Inflatable Unicorn Island

No day on the lake is complete without your own towering inflatable unicorn. Enjoy the sun with full knowledge that all eyes are on you and your incredibly comfortable floatie. It can take 6 adults, and with it’s cartoon-like design, it’s also a great way to keep the kids entertained.

Flybar Super Pogo Stick

The pogo stick has got serious! The old, simple bounce, bounce days are over as this heavy duty, strong, spring powered pogo stick is designed for extreme jumping and technical pogo tricks. So much fun and a great way to exercise without even realizing you are doing it.

Virtual Archer

Practise your archery skills in your own home or outside with the ultimate augmented reality 360° experience. A safer way of enjoying archery by removing the arrow but keeping an AR bow and combining it with your Bluetooth connected smartphone and a downloadable app with several games.

Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine

Build your own working model of the classic 1966 Porsche 911 engine with this 1:4 scaled model of the legendary piece of automotive engineering. With more than 280 components, it is a great introduction to kids of the inner workings of such an iconic car engine or for any hobby and car enthusiast adults.

Boxer Interactive AI Robot

This is Boxer, your new lovable best friend bot. Equipped with sensors so he can respond to your movements, and a remote control, he can play soccer, bowling, go-karting and other games. You will soon get to know his quirky personality. Sometimes he’s happy, sometimes sad, grumpy or even sleepy.

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

Relax in a world of magicalness with these raspberry scented bath bombs as they fizz around your bath releasing a glorious mix of colours. If the name wasn’t bad enough, and the thought of dropping one into your bath, this colourful little bag of bath bombs actually looks good enough to eat.

3D Printing Pen

Bring your wonderful and imaginative ideas to life with this lightweight 3D printing pen. Draw literally in the air in 3D and see your creations appear in front of your eyes or draw and trace designs on paper which then can be removed. Easily control of speed and temperature for easy operation.

WowWee MiP Balancing Robot

Introducing MiP, a two wheeled, multifunctional robot with real personality. He responds to motions, can navigate his surroundings and even follow objects around. He’s a speedy little fella who can also roam and dance. Choose from many built in game modes or control with your phone using a free app.