Cool Stuff you never even knew you wanted!

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garden stuff...

Duronic Hybrid AM/FM Radio

The ultimate AM/FM hybrid radio that can charge in one of three different ways. Solar panels on the top, USB for a quicker charge and then if you are really stuck you can wind the handle for a minute to get 20 minutes of playback. Never be left with a flat battery again.

BBQ Bad Boys Sauce Selection

So are you looking to make your BBQ meat even hotter? This pack of 4 super hot sauces will bring even more fire to your outside dining. The Satan’s Revenge, XXX Chilli Bullet, The Fiery Frenchman and Texan Tongue Tingler from Barbecue Bad Boys will suit anyone who likes it hot and saucy.

Balcony BBQ

Don’t let the lack of a garden stop you having a sizzling BBQ. No more waiting for ages for things to cook on a tiny disposable BBQ as this Balcony BBQ clips directly onto your balcony railings. This ingenious BBQ even comes complete with a warming plate to keep everything toasty in between helpings.

Remote Controlled Amphibious Land And Water Vehicle

Don’t restrict yourself to land or sea and try an amphibious remote-controlled car! It has 4 wheel drive and large hollow wheels meaning it has excellent buoyancy when on water and also runs on lawn, sand and gravel. And when on land it can also perform reversible flips and 360° spins.

Fortnite HC-E Nerf Super Soaker

Bring fantasy gaming into reality with a water blaster based on a real Fortnite weapon. The officially licensed replica captures the look and colour of the blaster in one of the most popular games in recent times. No one is safe when you unleash the super-powerful weapon on your enemies and friends alike.

Solar Powered Popup Tent

The most advanced pop-up tent. It’s solar-powered, heat reflective and big! An awesome combination of high specification materials, the convenience of pop-up and innovative thinking that will change the way you camp, forever. It has LED tent pegs and even has an app controlled internal LED lighting system.

Welcome to the BatCave Door Mat

Welcome your friends with the perfect “Welcome To The BatCave” doormat. This funky design is sure to wow any batman fans, and keep The Joker away!

Squirrel Feeder Horse Head

Start the morning with a chuckle with this squirrel feeder in the shape of a horse’s head. If you’re lucky you will look out of the window as the squirrel feeds from inside the head so it appears to be wearing a horse head mask!

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Be the boss of the BBQ with this camouflaged apron which holds everything you could possibly need for perfect fun party. One size fits all, it holds 6 cans and an almost endless selection of useful pockets and it even comes with a built in can opener.