Cool Stuff you never even knew you wanted!

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for men stuff...

Captain America Bath Robe

Even superheroes have to relax and chill and this super-soft Captain America bathrobe perfectly fits the bill. Put your feet up after a hard day but don’t forget your day job with this red, white and blue embroidered dressing gown featuring the classic star and Avengers logo and the famous shield on the back.

Solar Powered Popup Tent

The most advanced pop-up tent. It’s solar-powered, heat reflective and big! An awesome combination of high specification materials, the convenience of pop-up and innovative thinking that will change the way you camp, forever. It has LED tent pegs and even has an app controlled internal LED lighting system.

iRobot Robot Vacuum

Sit back and relax and let this clever little robot vacuum do at least one of the jobs we were never meant to do! It comes with it’s own app so you can start or schedule the cleaning and watch while it tirelessly cleans and then automatically docks for recharging for next time.

Bike Balls

Flash your bike manhood as you cycle. Could this safety light be a heart shape or something different? It can be hung anywhere, but we know it’s not a heart when hung under your bike seat! Bright and soft lights that can flash or be steady provide good visibility and safety at night.

Flybar Super Pogo Stick

The pogo stick has got serious! The old, simple bounce, bounce days are over as this heavy duty, strong, spring powered pogo stick is designed for extreme jumping and technical pogo tricks. So much fun and a great way to exercise without even realizing you are doing it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Game

Live the Western-themed outlaw life you have always dreamed of with no risk of really landing yourself up in jail. You play a member of a gang that must rob, steal, and fight across miles of American wildness and civilization to survive against the authorities and the best bounty hunters in the nation.

Camera Lens Mug

For the person who eats, drinks and sleeps photography. This mug, very realistically shaped like a modern SLR zoom lens, will totally change your morning coffee. The stainless still interior will help keep your drink hot or cold and the screw lid is made to look like the glass lens.

Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine

Build your own working model of the classic 1966 Porsche 911 engine with this 1:4 scaled model of the legendary piece of automotive engineering. With more than 280 components, it is a great introduction to kids of the inner workings of such an iconic car engine or for any hobby and car enthusiast adults.

Boxer Interactive AI Robot

This is Boxer, your new lovable best friend bot. Equipped with sensors so he can respond to your movements, and a remote control, he can play soccer, bowling, go-karting and other games. You will soon get to know his quirky personality. Sometimes he’s happy, sometimes sad, grumpy or even sleepy.

Weighted Sofa Drinks Holder

We’ve all experienced those nasty spillages when trying to balance your drink on the edge of the sofa. This one size fits all, ergonomically designed, weighted holder will keep your bottles, cans, mugs and glasses in place.