Cool Stuff you never even knew you wanted!

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car stuff...

Remote Controlled Amphibious Land And Water Vehicle

Don’t restrict yourself to land or sea and try an amphibious remote-controlled car! It has 4 wheel drive and large hollow wheels meaning it has excellent buoyancy when on water and also runs on lawn, sand and gravel. And when on land it can also perform reversible flips and 360° spins.

Powerful Car Battery Charger

Never be left with a flat battery again. This jump starter can revive a dead battery and start vehicles up to 6.5 litres. With a powerful 800 amp peak current, you will soon be on your way again and it will even quick charge your USB devices. This is a must for your glovebox.

Real Sports Car Engine Sounds From Your Car

Plug the SoundRacer into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and enjoy the throaty Ferrari engine sounds over your in-car stereo system. Your real car’s speed and sounds alters the sounds you hear so it will feel like you are driving a real Ferrari. And much cheaper too!

Mobile Phone Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

This powerful magnetic device provides the perfect cradle-less mount for your smartphone. The high quality rubber construction of the base ensures that the mount holds firmly in place in your car’s air vents, while the strong magnetic surface of the mount will ensure that your device is secure.

Grip Strip

This anti-slip mat is perfect for iPads, phones, sat navs and many other gadgets. No glue, magnets or velcro required, it just grips! If it gets dusty and the stickiness wears off then just wipe it down with a damp cloth and it will be back to normal.