All the cool stuff...

Retro Cassette Tape Desk Tidy

This retro-looking desk tidy is styled to look like the old cassette tape that disappeared back in the 90s. With its in-built tape dispenser and multi-functional storage for all your pens, pencils, erasers and other small items, it’s perfect for keeping your desk neat and tidy at home, school or the office.

Pizza Socks

We all love a pizza and now you can wear them on your feet! Bring a bit of fun and colour to your footwear and raise a smile from your friends and colleagues with these comfortable Italian, Hawaiian, Capriciosa, Pepperoni and Vegetarian ‘flavoured’ crazy socks. And they even come in a cool pizza-style presentation box.

Echo Wall Clock

Combine a traditional analogue clock face with the latest Amazon Echo controlled timers. It has 60 LEDs around the face showing one or more timers. Just say “Alexa, set a 10-minute timer” and watch it count down minute by minute and then in seconds for the last minute. Perfect for the kitchen or for general reminders.

Duronic Hybrid AM/FM Radio

The ultimate AM/FM hybrid radio that can charge in one of three different ways. Solar panels on the top, USB for a quicker charge and then if you are really stuck you can wind the handle for a minute to get 20 minutes of playback. Never be left with a flat battery again.

Dog Umbrella

Protect your lovable pet dog from the wind, rain and snow when out for that very essential walk. It’s transparent and folding with a built-in lead and perfect for small dogs and puppies. Dogs hate getting wet just like their owners so keep your pet clean and dry in a downpour!

BBQ Bad Boys Sauce Selection

So are you looking to make your BBQ meat even hotter? This pack of 4 super hot sauces will bring even more fire to your outside dining. The Satan’s Revenge, XXX Chilli Bullet, The Fiery Frenchman and Texan Tongue Tingler from Barbecue Bad Boys will suit anyone who likes it hot and saucy.

Captain America Bath Robe

Even superheroes have to relax and chill and this super-soft Captain America bathrobe perfectly fits the bill. Put your feet up after a hard day but don’t forget your day job with this red, white and blue embroidered dressing gown featuring the classic star and Avengers logo and the famous shield on the back.

Meater Smart Wireless Food Thermometer

Let Alexa take charge of your cooking and let you know when it’s ready! The stylish wireless Meater food thermometer helps you cook your meat to perfection. It’s rechargeable and connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and it’s associated app (or Alexa!) will give you a notification when it’s ready.

Balcony BBQ

Don’t let the lack of a garden stop you having a sizzling BBQ. No more waiting for ages for things to cook on a tiny disposable BBQ as this Balcony BBQ clips directly onto your balcony railings. This ingenious BBQ even comes complete with a warming plate to keep everything toasty in between helpings.

Remote Controlled Amphibious Land And Water Vehicle

Don’t restrict yourself to land or sea and try an amphibious remote-controlled car! It has 4 wheel drive and large hollow wheels meaning it has excellent buoyancy when on water and also runs on lawn, sand and gravel. And when on land it can also perform reversible flips and 360° spins.

Fortnite HC-E Nerf Super Soaker

Bring fantasy gaming into reality with a water blaster based on a real Fortnite weapon. The officially licensed replica captures the look and colour of the blaster in one of the most popular games in recent times. No one is safe when you unleash the super-powerful weapon on your enemies and friends alike.

Remote Control Shark Balloon

This has got to be the World’s most awesome balloon that literally swims through the air. You have complete up, down, and 360-degree control via a simple infra-red remote. Kids and adults will have a blast roaming their homes, offices, and parties with the smooth-flying and lifelike shark balloon.

X Rocker Infiniti Gaming Chair

Get serious with your gaming! This chair features a 2.1 audio system in the headrest and a booming subwoofer in the seat. It also has vibration motors in the seat so you will hear and feel every killer blow, and every punch and kick, providing you with a fully immersive gaming experience.

Powerful Car Battery Charger

Never be left with a flat battery again. This jump starter can revive a dead battery and start vehicles up to 6.5 litres. With a powerful 800 amp peak current, you will soon be on your way again and it will even quick charge your USB devices. This is a must for your glovebox.

Kitchen Safe

Do you often give in to temptation? This kitchen safe with a timer can solve that! The timer function can lock the safe for any amount of time and help you get through your cravings. The transparent jar revealing what’s inside is a bit cruel but there will be no giving in!

Solar Powered Popup Tent

The most advanced pop-up tent. It’s solar-powered, heat reflective and big! An awesome combination of high specification materials, the convenience of pop-up and innovative thinking that will change the way you camp, forever. It has LED tent pegs and even has an app controlled internal LED lighting system.

iRobot Robot Vacuum

Sit back and relax and let this clever little robot vacuum do at least one of the jobs we were never meant to do! It comes with it’s own app so you can start or schedule the cleaning and watch while it tirelessly cleans and then automatically docks for recharging for next time.

Pet WiFi Camera Treat Tosser

Spy on your pet and send him treats if he’s a good boy, all from your smartphone. You can even talk to him and hear him respond. With it’s wide angled lens, day and night vision and barking sensor alerts you will always know how your best friend is doing.

Perfect Drink Maker

Let your smart bartender make you the perfect cocktail every time. Connect the smart scale to the interactive recipe app on your phone or tablet, choose from one of the 100s of recipes and simply follow the instructions. Watch the virtual glass fill up as you pour and instruct you when your perfect drink is finished.

Motorized Surfboard

Forgot conventional surfboards, this 4 stroke engine powered surfboard will take your breath away. It needs no waves so you can skip the beach and head for the nearest lake or river. With a top speed of 35 miles per hour, the adrenaline with be flowing as you rip through the  water.

Inflatable Unicorn Island

No day on the lake is complete without your own towering inflatable unicorn. Enjoy the sun with full knowledge that all eyes are on you and your incredibly comfortable floatie. It can take 6 adults, and with it’s cartoon-like design, it’s also a great way to keep the kids entertained.

Bike Balls

Flash your bike manhood as you cycle. Could this safety light be a heart shape or something different? It can be hung anywhere, but we know it’s not a heart when hung under your bike seat! Bright and soft lights that can flash or be steady provide good visibility and safety at night.

Moov Fitness Tracker

You will have no problem finding the motivation to get moving when you are wearing this stylish and cool looking, fully featured fitness tracker. The wearable fitness coach is lightweight and waterproof so can be worn for swimming and tracks your motion and progress to help reach those lofty goals.

Flybar Super Pogo Stick

The pogo stick has got serious! The old, simple bounce, bounce days are over as this heavy duty, strong, spring powered pogo stick is designed for extreme jumping and technical pogo tricks. So much fun and a great way to exercise without even realizing you are doing it.

Panda Keyboard Protector

Brighten up your desk by giving your keyboard a cute new look and at the same time protect it from dust, spillages and any other contaminants. The adorable panda ears, eyes and nose will surely bring a smile to your face and get some interest from your colleagues.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Game

Live the Western-themed outlaw life you have always dreamed of with no risk of really landing yourself up in jail. You play a member of a gang that must rob, steal, and fight across miles of American wildness and civilization to survive against the authorities and the best bounty hunters in the nation.

Problem Solving Mug

This mug is an extremely useful tool for anyone in a dilemma or with a problem to solve. Not only does it provide a perfect receptacle for your coffee or tea, but it also has an extremely useful and funny flow chart based problem solver on the side.

Camera Flash Drive

Impress your friends with this cool USB flash drive shaped like a camera and they will all want to know where you got it from. It’s small but has lots of tiny detail to make it look realistic. Simply pull off the lens to reveal the USB plug which works with almost any device.

Virtual Archer

Practise your archery skills in your own home or outside with the ultimate augmented reality 360° experience. A safer way of enjoying archery by removing the arrow but keeping an AR bow and combining it with your Bluetooth connected smartphone and a downloadable app with several games.

Camera Lens Mug

For the person who eats, drinks and sleeps photography. This mug, very realistically shaped like a modern SLR zoom lens, will totally change your morning coffee. The stainless still interior will help keep your drink hot or cold and the screw lid is made to look like the glass lens.

Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine

Build your own working model of the classic 1966 Porsche 911 engine with this 1:4 scaled model of the legendary piece of automotive engineering. With more than 280 components, it is a great introduction to kids of the inner workings of such an iconic car engine or for any hobby and car enthusiast adults.

Boxer Interactive AI Robot

This is Boxer, your new lovable best friend bot. Equipped with sensors so he can respond to your movements, and a remote control, he can play soccer, bowling, go-karting and other games. You will soon get to know his quirky personality. Sometimes he’s happy, sometimes sad, grumpy or even sleepy.

Cocktail Neon Light

Marvel at this classic style, glass neon light that’s shaped like a cocktail glass. The illuminated tropical drink, with it’s light purple glass, yellow slice of lemon and orange cocktail umbrella, will glow with a beautiful aura that will light up the atmosphere in any room.

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

Relax in a world of magicalness with these raspberry scented bath bombs as they fizz around your bath releasing a glorious mix of colours. If the name wasn’t bad enough, and the thought of dropping one into your bath, this colourful little bag of bath bombs actually looks good enough to eat.

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

Show off your slicing skills to your guests with this pizza cutter that is shaped like a circular saw. You will look like a professional carpenter at the dinner table and show that you mean business as you make easy work of the crispiest crust and sloppiest cheese.

Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster

You’re hungry, but lazy, so get your yummy snack with minimal effort by cooking two hot dogs and their buns together in this funky looking popup toaster. It will take just a few minutes to prepare your delicious treat and can cook two at once. Just add ketchup to taste!

Automatic Dog Ball Thrower

Let your dog exercise himself while you chill in the comfort of your garden chair. This incredible battery powered remote controlled throwing machine will provide hours of doggy fun and relaxing times for you. You can even train your dog to return the balls to the bucket for them to launch automatically.

Automatic Card Shuffler

Why waste time trying to shuffle like a pro when you can just stick the cards in this clever machine and it will magically shuffle them for you. There will be no dodgy dealing here, it will use it’s magic to shuffle fairly and quickly just like in real casinos.

3D Printing Pen

Bring your wonderful and imaginative ideas to life with this lightweight 3D printing pen. Draw literally in the air in 3D and see your creations appear in front of your eyes or draw and trace designs on paper which then can be removed. Easily control of speed and temperature for easy operation.

Classic Retro Turntable Vinyl Record Player

With it’s beautiful retro appearance, this classic turntable will make a stylish addition to any living space. It has a protective dust cover, and a convenient front panel with playback controls for 33 and 45 RPM vinyl and also features an FM radio and can convert vinyl to digital files.

WowWee MiP Balancing Robot

Introducing MiP, a two wheeled, multifunctional robot with real personality. He responds to motions, can navigate his surroundings and even follow objects around. He’s a speedy little fella who can also roam and dance. Choose from many built in game modes or control with your phone using a free app.

Welcome to the BatCave Door Mat

Welcome your friends with the perfect “Welcome To The BatCave” doormat. This funky design is sure to wow any batman fans, and keep The Joker away!

Weighted Sofa Drinks Holder

We’ve all experienced those nasty spillages when trying to balance your drink on the edge of the sofa. This one size fits all, ergonomically designed, weighted holder will keep your bottles, cans, mugs and glasses in place.

Tiggly Shapes Kids Learning Game

The Tiggly Shapes learning game for ages 2 to 5 runs on most tablets and comes with four toys and 3 apps: Tiggly Safari, Draw and Stamp. A really innovative way for kids to stretch their imagination and improve motor skills, language and creativity.

Super Mario Chess Game

Chess has taken a fun twist! It’s basically chess, but it’s Super Mario themed chess, with Mario’s heros against Bowser’s bad boys in a Nintendo battle to end all battles. With Nintendo styling everywhere you’ll love this great alternative.

Stylophone Classic Pocket Electronic Organ

The original 70’s classic Stylophone pocket electronic organ has made a comeback but while retaining it’s stylish retro looks, it now combines some modern technology. A headphone socket has been added and an audio input so you can jam along to all your favourite tracks.

Star Wars Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers

Add some fun to your mealtimes with these Star Wars themed salt and pepper shakers. These cute R2-D2 and R2-Q5 droids will add a Star Wars flavour to any table.

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

The ultimate gadget for you Star Trek lovers. With this communicator modelled on the design from the original series you can now make and receive phone calls like a real Star Fleet officer. It even comes with a magnetic charging stand and case.

Squirrel Feeder Horse Head

Start the morning with a chuckle with this squirrel feeder in the shape of a horse’s head. If you’re lucky you will look out of the window as the squirrel feeds from inside the head so it appears to be wearing a horse head mask!

Spy Camera Sunglasses

These cool looking polarised sunglasses have a high quality spy camera and HD digital video recorder built in. With a really simple on/off switch activation you can easily start recording discreetly at any time and 100 minutes of recording should be enough for any occasion.

Smarter App Controlled WiFi iKettle

This has got to be the most futuristic kettle available today. It’s associated app can boil and show you how much water is in the kettle. It will even tell you when the water reaches a certain temperature to get the best taste from your selected teas. The iKettle can even get your day off to the perfect start with it’s wake up mode.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Console

The 80s Sinclair ZX Spectrum has been reinvented as a plug and play console that simply connects to your TV with no setup required. Play over 1000 official Spectrum games, it’s perfect for the retro gamer.

Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Console With 80 Games

The classic two player console comes with 80 built in classic Sega Mega Drive games and two wireless controllers. Invite your mates around for a fun retro evening playing all the games from the good old days. Also comes with the option to use original Mega Drive and Genesis cartridges.

Robosnake Robot Snake

Snakes can be thought of as slimy and creepy so for those of you that don’t quite fancy getting the real thing there is this very realistic robot version. It certainly looks the part with it’s genuine snake movements and even a tongue flick and moving eyes.

Retro Vinyl Drink Coasters

If you love all things retro, these novelty coasters each feature a different record label design with a hot beverage related song title. A perfect novelty gift idea. Rest your hot drink without marking the table and as friends and family marvel at your unique taste.

Real Sports Car Engine Sounds From Your Car

Plug the SoundRacer into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and enjoy the throaty Ferrari engine sounds over your in-car stereo system. Your real car’s speed and sounds alters the sounds you hear so it will feel like you are driving a real Ferrari. And much cheaper too!

Mini BMX Bike

You will be the talk of the street riding around in style on this funky new Raygar Bandit mini BMX bike. Suitable for kids and adults alike it has a high tensile steel frame, chunky rubber tyres, padded seat, and is available in many cool colours.

Phone Screen Magnifier

Phones are great and portable but with more people using them for watching movies do you ever wish it could be a little larger at times. This foldable, small and lightweight product gives 3-5x magnification and will make watching movies a breeze while at the same time reducing eye strain.

Ozobot Bit Robot

The Ozobot Bit robot is a great fun way to both play games and learn about coding. These tiny little robots scan their environment so can follow lines and detect intersections drawn with normal markers on paper or even on your tablet screen. You can program them via their own website, download free apps and play interactive games. There’s something for all ages and levels with these cute little guys!

Ollie App Controlled Robot

Ollie is a speedy, trick performing robot controlled from your iOS or Android device. It spins, flips and drifts while glowing in millions of colours and comes with different tyres and hubcaps leaving you in control of how best to conquer any terrain. Pump up your ride with the coolest fastest robot!

Novelty Stop Rubber Doorstop Wedge

Take control of your door and tell it you are the boss! This cute door stopper does what it says with it’s large “STOP” message. Being rubber it will stop even the heaviest doors and also put a smile on the face of your visitors.

My Lil Davinci Kids Art Frame

This clever hinged frame can professionally display artwork, photos and certificates. The stylish black wooden frame and spring loaded glass hinged door can hold up to 50 pictures, making switching pictures a breeze without the usual hassle of dismantling the frame.

Mobile Phone Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

This powerful magnetic device provides the perfect cradle-less mount for your smartphone. The high quality rubber construction of the base ensures that the mount holds firmly in place in your car’s air vents, while the strong magnetic surface of the mount will ensure that your device is secure.

Mini Arcade Machine

A fantastic miniature version of the classic old arcade machines with 240 games. It’s 2.5″ LCD display and perfectly proportioned joystick make it perfect for playing all those old favourites and it’s unique but familiar design will remind you of the good old days.

Jurassic World T Rex Dinosaur Inflatable Adult Costume

Scare your neighbours into giving you more treats this Halloween with this full sized inflatable T-Rex costume. Just insert batteries and you will be transformed into this fierce, very realistic looking Jurassic World predator.

Joseph Joseph Can-Do Compact Can Opener

This has got to be the smallest and coolest can opener. It does away with the awkward handles and magnets of other can openers and simply locks to the can with a twist and to open just keep twisting. A button releases the can cleanly leaving no jaggy edges.

Grip Strip

This anti-slip mat is perfect for iPads, phones, sat navs and many other gadgets. No glue, magnets or velcro required, it just grips! If it gets dusty and the stickiness wears off then just wipe it down with a damp cloth and it will be back to normal.

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Be the boss of the BBQ with this camouflaged apron which holds everything you could possibly need for perfect fun party. One size fits all, it holds 6 cans and an almost endless selection of useful pockets and it even comes with a built in can opener.

Gentlemen’s Willy Care Kit

Keep everything all neat and tidy and presentable down below! The stylish leather-look case comes with a range of luxury items including a fluffing brush, styling scissors, a sprucing mirror and a ‘bracelet’ to dress up for that special evening. A great conversation starter, if you dare!

Gear Ball

Prepare to experience the next evolution in geometric puzzles, with this cute but very complex Gear Ball puzzle. The six-sided game is based on rotating gears to get all six sides to be the same colour. Perfect for refreshing all your brain thought processes.

Feisty Pets

These adorable cuddly toys turn from cute to scary with the simple squeeze of the head. Like Jekyll and Hyde in cuddly toy form. Squeeze the head to see the transformation. Be respectful of the nervous little ones!

Fairy Lights In Your Bottle

Instantly turn empty wine or spirits bottles into beautiful lit works of art. Just insert the string of fairy lights and battery holder into the top of the bottle and press the top to turn it on. Fits most bottles that are taller than 9″ and makes a pretty decorative work of art from old empties.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

This strategic, Russian Roulette style card game is about kittens, explosions, laser beams and catnip sandwiches! Most cards are used to move and avoid danger but when you draw an Exploding Kitten card you are in trouble, unless you have a defuse card. Great fun for all the family and it really is kitty friendly!

Dual Non-Stick Omelette Maker

This great omelette maker is the perfect way to make great breakfasts at home. Simply mix the eggs, ham, cheese and any other ingredients and pour them into the two non-stick sections and close the lid. Get the perfect omelette every time and it’s also non-stick meaning it’s easy clean which is what we all want!

Cute Unicorn Phone Charger

This unicorn really does have magical powers as it can recharge most smartphones! With it’s delightfully cute pale blue skin with a multicoloured horn and it’s 2Ah internal battery it’s perfect to give a boost to any wilting devices.

Cork Shaped Rechargeable Bottle Light

It may look like a cork but this clever light contains a super bright LED that can turn your old empty bottles into lamps or nightlights that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is rechargeable using USB in an hour and gives out a strong glow for 3 hours when fully charged. A great use for your old empties.

Cat Cave

Give your cat somewhere stylish to hang out. Your pet will be the envy of all his cat friends in this quality, super tough cat cave with air holes in the base for extra comfort. It can be used both indoors or outdoors and also comes with a super soft cushion to help with some dozy cave chilling.

Bubble Soccer Suit

This bubble soccer suit is perfect for both adults and children as they play the new game Bumper Ball. It’s great fun bumping and rolling as they try and get the ball past their mates and not having to worry about injuries!

Beeping Egg Timer

The amazing egg timer that you boil with your eggs. Simply place in the saucepan with your eggs and it will play three different tunes for soft, medium and hard boiled. Take the guesswork out of cooking the perfect egg every time.

Automatic Toilet Night Light

Stop night time accidents and add some fun (and safety!) to going to the loo in the dark! This night light fixes to the toilet lid and automatically turns on when approached and off when you leave providing enough subtle light when needed.

Automatic LED Night Light

This very clever device can light up your hallway, child’s room or any room with a soft, gentle glow. The long lasting LED unit automatically switches on at dusk and off at dawn providing a very economical solution to those dark places.

App Controlled Mood Light

Transform your home by creating a beautiful ambience with this clever app controlled light. Use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to control various subtly changing light settings to create a perfect relaxing mood. You can even link more than one together to coordinate their lighting.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Use your mobile phone or tablet to control the supercars on 8 different battlefield track layouts in this futuristic racing game. No slots and two cars with different characteristics that can battle and race head to head or under AI control.

Animal Bites Cable Cord Protector

These cute little animals will stop those annoying cables from sliding down the back of your table. Simply slide your cable into the animal and it will hold it in place. Never clamber under your table again!

All In One Cooked Breakfast Frying Pan

Why wash up several pans when you can cook the most amazing meals with this large all in one frying pan. On just a single hob it’s heavy duty base spreads the heat evenly and it’s double non-stick coating makes it durable for everyday use.